Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter - April 7th & 8th, 2012

 We had a great time for Easter this year, other than missing Bryson, Kristen, Addie and Grayson. Wish they could have been here with us. We heated the pool again and the kids had a great time swimming. Bentley finally got the hang of swimming with floaties on. Saturday evening we had a little Easter egg hunt. Grandpa surprised us all by handing out silly string to everyone. The grandkids didn't quite know what to do, but once they got the hang of it they loved spraying Grandpa!!

 Stefanie and Ryker

 Abby, Bentley, and Nixon

 Grandma, Stefanie, cool dude Bentley and Nixon!

Trip to Bryson & Kristens - March 22, 2012

Addie riding on Frontrunner
Stefanie and I made a trip to Salt Lake City for a baby shower for Bradford and Janessa. While we were there we took the Frontrunner from Layton into SLC to go to the new City Creek Mall. It was really fun riding the train with the kids. Addie really liked it. There were a ton of people at the mall, but we still had a great time. We spent the whole day there. The kids were really good. Even Grayson without having a nap!! We didn't get back to Bryson & Kristen's house until almost 11PM! But we had a great time shopping!

Addie loved her Red Devil cupcake at The Blue Lemon
Grayson loved his Mac N Cheese!
Scrub A Dub, the kids are in the tub!!

Swimming & Airshow in St. George-March 2012

 In March the City of St. George put on an airshow that was amazing. Bryson, Kristen and their kids and Nick and his boys came for the show. It was really neat watching the jets and the maneuvers they did. Nixon didn't like it because it was too loud, but the other kids, including the big kids, loved it.  We also heated up the pool so we could swim while Bentley, Nixon, Addie and Grayson were here. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the water. 

Addie loves her cousin Bentley!

Honeymoon & Temple Trail 4-Wheeling Ride-March 2012

Our 4-wheeling ride in March took us on the Honeymoon and Temple Trails in the St. George area. Not the prettiest ride, but it's always fun to get out and enjoy the area we live in and be with good friends.

Hawaii March 2012

Doug and I were able to go to Maui in March to celebrate our 35th Wedding Anniversary. Wow, can't believe we've been married that long! We had a wonderful and relaxing time doing nothing! Our kids couldn't believe we didn't do anything!

Cutiest Grandkids!

Ryker and JT the rock stars!
Some random shots of the Grandkids!

Bentley and his family went to Sea World and he got his face painted. He loved it!
Addie at her dance class.
Jt and some of the Legos he and Grandma have built.
Ryker wishing he had one of these!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

This year we started a new family tradition and had an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" Party. Everyone was a good sport and wore their ugliest sweater they could find. It was fun just having the adults for dinner and "Minute to Win It" games. Although Ryker did get to join in on all the fun!!

Nick, Stefanie and Ryker

Josh & Mickell

 Doug and Cindy

 Nick and Abby, trying not to blink!!

 Cute little Ryker

 Enjoying dinner!

 Everyone in their ugly sweaters! Nick can never keep his eyes opened!

 Josh & Mickell's white elephant prizes!

 Stef got a Justin Bieber toothbrush that she loves to use!!

 Nick and Abby and their white elephant gifts

 Bryson and Kristen showing off their prizes!

 All the girls and their prizes!

 Doug and Cindy trying to throw minny marshmellows in buckets

 Bryson & Kristen trying to balance ornaments on a yardstick

 Nick and Abby trying to thread bolts on a sucker stick

 Ryker had fun playing with the buckets!

 Kristen stacking "Red Solo Cups!"